Primetime Sports Testimonials

Brett has loved every minute of his time with Primetime. This program has been excellent for him, and you guys do a great job with instruction, encouragement, and overall coaching. As a former high school athletic director and basketball coach, you guys have provided him with exactly what we were looking for.

These first six months have been great, and I cannot wait to see what the next six months do for his game. – Seth Northern


I can not thank you enough for all the great things you do for my son! Your program is all class and without a doubt 2nd to none overall organization!

I understand your main focus of Primetime Basketball is to help each athlete you work with learn how to play basketball correctly, improve fundamental skills, and have a blast so they can enjoy the game of basketball for the rest of their lives at any skill level.

Well, as a Primetime parent you have under promised and over delivered in a huge way. My son Alex has never been happier and without a doubt has improved all the skills you teach. Im most impressed with how you teach discipline and hold the kids accountable regardless of the win or loss! Words can not express how proud we are to be part of such a class act program with tremendous leadership skills the coaches display.

Our family can honestly say we will never leave the Primetime program, simply because it’s the best and it just continues to get better in every aspect!

Thank you for everything you do Primetime! – The Couto Family


I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you for everything you are doing for our 9U boys this season. I watched last night as you took time after the game to work through some things, and I knew I had to reach out and say thank you. I cannot speak for every parent on the team, but for the few that I have spoken to over the last few games, please know that we think you are doing a wonderful job with our kids.

Please know that we would take you, and the entire Primetime staff, ANY DAY over the opposing coaches we have seen. This is just the beginning for these kids, and they are so young and can be broken so quickly. You do such a great job of building them up, and teaching them the actual game. And that is exactly why we know we are in the right program.

Luke’s obviously in a learning/growing phase, and it is slow going, but he is responding positively to the way he is being coached. At home he talks positively about the game, about his team, about his coaches, and he is excited to continue learning. We’ve got a lot of years ahead of us if he chooses to stick with baseball, and I appreciate your continual work with him and the entire team. – Jaime Feller


“We have been participating in primetime smaller baller for 2 years. I cannot say enough good things. My son started around 4 with Cullen and his fundamentals, form and love of the game continue to grow. He always asks, “do we have primetime today?”
We started my daughter Ria last year. She is in middle school. What an incredible difference in both her game and confidence as well. Coach’s Anthony and Zach have made it so fun for her but also focused on the different skills she needs to be successful in middle school basketball. I give primetime my highest recommendation both for basketball development as well as teaching discipline and work ethic”– Shekar Narayanan


Our son started training at Primetime after his first season of league basketball. By his second season people were telling us they could not believe how much he had improved. We give the Primetime program 100% credit for his development between seasons. The program incorporates key fundamentals and basketball acumen. They set high standards for the kids in a supportive and fun environment. The staff is made up of coaches who not only know basketball but also know how to work with kids. To us, this is what sets Primetime apart. They also throw an awesome birthday party! – Brian & Jen R.


There is nothing like picking your kid up at camp, having him all smiles, and hearing 30 minutes worth of camp stories on the way home. What you guys do is amazing, and you are touching so many young kids lives. Keep up the excellent work!!!  – Dave Knight


“Our two sons have played basketball with Primetime for several years now, and in looking back it was clearly a great decision.  I have really enjoyed just being dad again instead of their coach as well.  As they became more serious basketball players, Primetime offered exactly what I was looking for.  The emphasis is always on the right things, like skill development, being a “team player”, and playing the game the right way, all while having fun.  We feel so blessed to have found coaches who are not only experienced and knowledgeable, but who take a sincere interest our kids.  They are learning life skills and making memories that extend far beyond the basketball court.  Thank you Primetime!” – Howie and Christina Jones


“While Evan’s title is “Coach”, we think of him more as a phenomenal teacher.  We feel very blessed that Evan has provided our son the opportunity to develop and grow both as a basketball player and young man.    Evan works with each player to teach sound fundamentals, yet most importantly he allows them to have “fun” and play “freely” with self-confidence within a team concept.   When a player comes off the court, Evan takes time to talk to them about what they are doing well, opportunities that exist, and things they need to do differently.  Like any fifth grader, our son is learning and developing as a basketball player and in life.  Evan has helped him learn and grow as a player and as a young man through his positives and in his mistakes.  With Primetime, the coaching does not stop with your team coach, as players also have the opportunity to work with other excellent coaches at camps, training sessions and during joint practices.  Our son also talks about how Coach V gives him some personal attention in how he could improve during joint practices.  He feels like Coach V really cares about him as a player and as an individual.  In summary, our family is very happy with both the Primetime program and our son having the opportunity to play for Evan this past year.”  – The Nasser Family 


“My son has been part of the Primetime family for 3 years now, and it has been an awesome experience for both him and us.  Gabe has worked with several of the coaches with most of his time spent with Coach V and Brandon.  They all offer their own style and approach but still maintain the values of what makes Primetime the perfect place for your son or daughter to thrive in his/her development as a basketball player and person.  These coaches are very passionate about not only the teaching the game of basketball (which they all have years of experience doing) but about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and supported.  Lastly, no matter what skill level your son or daughter is currently at, they have several training options that cater toward their current situation. “ – Matt Quigley


“We chose PrimeTime because coach Wes Priest has inspired a love of the game in our son, and our son’s skill has improved greatly: Wes’s training program is purposeful, well-executed, and fun.”  – Andy Hein


“Our family chose PrimeTime soccer camp for one reason, the expert coaching available through the camp.  This was a wonderful opportunity to have our children get superior coaching in an environment that would offer many opportunities for one on one instruction.   We are confident that our children will grow as players in this friendly, camp style atmosphere.” – Gretchen Eaton


“The Primetime Baseball program focuses on the right things. Emphasis is placed on baseball fundamentals and improving players’ baseball IQ at the same time not forgetting that it is a game that should be fun. The coaches are professionals with years of experience coaching young athletes. Practices are planned out in advance and are structured according to the needs of the team. Player expectations including self-responsibility is communicated early on and throughout the season at a level that is age appropriate. The players are coached with respect and the coaches lead by example by treating umpires and opponents with respect.” – Kevin and Trish Kearschner


Since joining Primetime baseball, I have seen my son’s batting average increase, pitching, fielding and baseball IQ improve dramatically and his confidence has skyrocketed. My son loves playing baseball more than ever before and has a blast working with the coaches. –Will T.


“When we were looking for a new travel team I had certain expectations for his new coach. Not only did Primetime impress me with how organized and professional they were, they had the most amazing coaches. My son has learned more in one year with Primetime than in three years combined!” –Jennie Tremain


Primetime baseball is what we desired in a program. We wanted our son to be taught fundamentals with repetitions upon repetitions of those fundamentals to make him a fundamentally sound player. The structure of the practices provides that for our son and we couldn’t have asked for more from that standpoint! –Eddie K.


The Primetime Fitness class has been a great addition to our children’s routine sports schedule. Ryan and Justin do a wonderful job making each class different, challenging and fun! The kids enjoy recording their process from the beginning to the end of each session and have definitely increased their strength and stamina. Whether you are looking for an addition to your child’s team practices or simply a way for them to stay or become physically active, I highly recommend this class! –Heather T.