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Program Philosophy
At Indiana Primetime Softball we believe in preparation first. Our coaches are working hard to prepare our players for game and life situations. We spend ample time focusing on fundamentals of the game of fast pitch softball to ensure our players are developing their overall game. Coaches demand respect, hard work, determination, and teamwork development from all of their players in our program. Indiana Primetime Softball players are taught to respect the game of softball. While having fun we encourage a learning environment where players can reflect on the coaching they receive.

10u-Coached by Marilyn Matta and Juli Bush
12u-05 Coached by Kirk Newcomer and Brian Clark
14u-04 Black Coached by Stephanie Kleiner, Troy Goodman, and Jason Pfeiffer
14u-Silver Coached by Jason Reeves and Scott Brown
14u 03 Black Coached by Ryan Ream, Jeff Hunt, and Brian Stewart
14u 03 Silver Coached by Angel Morales and Mike Gillespie
16u Platinum-Showcase- Coached by Kevin Schmidt, Brian Feely, and Will Jensen

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