Primetime Sports Square1 Testimonials


  • We are in for the square one training this fall!!!! Mondays 6-7! Loved camp!!
  • Owen is having so much fun at camp!! Primetime Camp is so organized and camp seems to run so smooth! I wish all camps were like this. Congratulations on such a success; I hope you are enjoying it as well!
  • Grant had so much fun today, I wanted to see if you still had slots open for the July Square 1 session? If so, I would love to get Grant signed up.
  • My kids love your camp! Thanks Stephanie!
  • Stephanie, You and your team are doing an amazing job!! The kids are having so much fun!
  • Hi Stephanie, Carter’s having a great time at camp! He comes home with stories about games and new friends. And he comes home exhausted!
  • By the way, I think your sports camp is great and I’m so happy for you to be able to do something you love! Adam is having so much fun, and comes home with great stories! We will definitely sign up again. 🙂
  • George and Nikolas seem to be having a wonderful time at your camp.