3 on 3 League

3 on 3 Rules

Indiana Primetime Sports is committed to continuing to work to bring new, exciting, and fun opportunities to the youth of Central Indiana that promote learning and player development in the sports they love.


3 on 3 Basketball provides players with a different experience than typical 5 on 5 play:

  • Players are able to play with the ball in their hands more often
  • Players have the opportunity to develop a variety of skills and moves in a competitive setting
  • Increased Basketball IQ as offensive/defensive principles apply directly to 5 on 5

This will be a FUN environment with players in control of the games instead of coaches.  Our staff and referees will assist the each 3on3 team with subbing and strategy!


Boys and Girls Teams Welcome

  • 3rd – 10th graders


Coming Soon


Jonathan Byrd’s Fieldhouse


$300 per team or $100 per individual


  • Roster can carry as many as 6 players.
  • Each team will play 2 games in the same hour time block each week:
    • 5 Regular Season Weeks (10 games)
    • 1 Playoff Week for end of season tournament
  • Games will be 16 min running clocks with a 5 min break in between the two games.
  • Primetime will not designate coaches for the teams.  Primetime Staff and Refs will aid the players with rules and subbing.  The kids will have the opportunity to “coach” the teams themselves and learn how to work together.