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If you are interested in coaching a Primetime team for the 2017-2018 season or if you are considering bringing a group of boys to our organization, please contact Ryan Cole at  Primetime Baseball uses Roundtripper Sports Academy in Westfield for all of our off-season training, winter practices and outdoor practices.

Quentin Brown, Ryan Cole and Matt Nicholson oversee the entire Primetime Baseball organization and will guide coaches in developing their practice plans throughout the season.  This ensures that we are uniform from top to bottom in our organization with how we teach the game, how practices are run and it keeps the Primetime philosophy instilled in each team.

2017 Teams and Coaches

8U Black – Jeff Foster
9U Black – Matt Nicholson
9U Silver – Darren Salpka
10U Black – Logan Lee
10U Silver – Domingo Riego
11U Black – Alex Boone
11U Silver – Brandon Dalrymple
12U Black – T.C. Knipp
12U Red – Jerry Lopez
12U Silver – Kelly Scott
12U White – Tony Altering
13U Platinum – Pat Gelwicks
13U Black – Ryan Cole
13U Silver – Brandon Lugar
13U Gray – Alec Waugh
13U White – CJ Wahl
14U Black – Kyle Simpson
15U Black – Quentin Brown
15U Silver – Devon Eaker

– Contact Ryan Cole at or 574-276-9933 to set up an evaluation.


Winter training and practices will start in January and will run for 10 weeks at Roundtripper.  There will be one practice per week in the winter.  Each practice will be two hours, one hour dedicated to hitting instruction and one hour on the field with your coaches and Primetime’s top baseball coaches.

We will take a week off for Spring Break (March 30th-April 6th ) and then will move outdoors and start practicing twice a week at Roundtripper for teams 12U and younger.  Teams 13 and older will practice once a week after their school ball season.  If your school does not offer middle school baseball, we will have an optional practice so those players get two practices a week during the school ball season.

Fundamentals and player development will be a main focus for every team throughout the entire season.  If proper fundamentals are not sound, you cannot expect to advance as a baseball player.  We want to make sure each player in our program is being taught correct technique in all areas of the game; this includes throwing mechanics, base running, hitting mechanics, pitching, catching and the mental side of the game.

There will be games on weekdays as well as weekends.   Expect to play double headers or tournaments on most weekends.  All of the games and tournaments will be played in the Indianapolis area unless a team votes to play in an out of town tournament. The Primetime Staff and Head Coaches will ultimately determine what tournaments each team will play in.

Quentin Brown is our recruiting coordinator for the high school program.  Starting at 15U, Primetime will educate parents and players on the recruiting process.  Our top teams will play in high level tournaments that will attract college coaches.


  • We expect that you will be committed to the TEAM from January-July.  We only practice once a week during the winter and twice a week during the season and it is important that the entire team is at practice in order to develop individually and as a team.
  • Players must attend all practices and games.  Missing practices or games could result in less playing time.
  • Exceptions to missing practice or games include: Family crisis, school functions, injury, illness, and any personal situations that may come up.

If you would like to sign-up to tryout, inquire about coaching, starting a team, or just get further information about our program, please email Ryan at